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Dating Tips & Ideas

Top 5 Blogs that give the best Dating Tips and Advice

Anyone who has ever had a horrible date knows that the practice is no joke. It only takes one time for a man to tell a woman that she is anything but attractive for her to resort to spending every Friday evening alone. Here are a few dating blog sites to help you through the good, bad, and ugly times.

Top 5 Blogs that give the best Dating Tips and Advice

Evan Marc Katz:

If anyone can tell the next person about dating, it’s someone who has literally written the book on hooking up in modern times. Evan Marc Katz wrote a serious page-turner called ‘I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Internet Dating,’ and many have been fascinated with his take on love and relationships ever since. You have not done the deed of searching for that special someone properly until you have checked out his blog.

Online Dating Insider:

It always feels like you are on the outside looking in when it comes to dating, doesn’t it? That’s probably because you haven’t read the latest post on Online Dating Insider. This platform is for the beginner or freshly separated person looking to get back into the game of hooking up. Check out the latest interviews about online dating and get the scoop on why many of these sites fail from this source.


If you love OKCupid, then you will adore OKTrends. This blog is all about what to do after you have potentially found a match. Of course, you can always resort to OKTrends when you are anxious about hooking up online and want to calm your nerves. Of course, you can always solicit the services of OKCupid as well, which makes this resource even better.

The Nerve Blog-A-Log:

If you have ever suffered at the hands of a bad date, then you know how lonely it feels. You deem yourself as the only one to experience the wrath of a bad match and may vow never to date again. It is during these times of irrationality that you need the help of The Nerve Blog-A-Log. This site gives you first-hand stories of good and bad dates that are all meant to provide a little bit of hope. Your situation may not seem so bad once you hear of a fellow seeker who was stranded for hours after his date left him at the restaurant.

Geek’s Dream Girl:

If you are a man who has always considered himself to be a bit of a nerd, then Geek’s Dream Girl is right for you. This site helps the out-of-ordinary man find his extraordinary woman with tips and the like that contribute to a good impression. Geek’s Dream Girl is a great way to ease anxiety about the art of hooking up.

Dating is definitely a game where winning pays off big time and losing hurts to no end. You can always be one-up on the competition with these blogs by your side.

Top 5 best Dating Apps of 2017

Now a person can do just about anything online. This includes dating. It seems that people no longer go to single’s clubs. They turn to the internet to find a date. These are the top 5 dating apps for 2017 that has helped the most people get dates.

Top 5 best Dating Apps of 2017


This dating app has an interesting way of hooking people up. It helps a person find their matches based on their astrology signs and which sings are the most compatible. A person gets to select six traits that best described them. These traits will be matched up with others users. Each day a person will get their matches send to them. They can then choose to contact their match or not.

At First sight:

This app was created by television personality Chris Harrison. The app will allow a person to take a video of themselves and post what they are looking for. They get to post a 60 second video about what they are looking for in another person and what their interests are. There is even a feature that will allow users to connect with each other in real time.


This app will allow the woman to make the first move and determine if she wants to contact a guy. There is a rule on this site to help prevent ghosting. An interaction will be deleted if a man does not reply within 24 hours of being contacted. This will help a lady determine if someone is interested in them without having to wait.


This app will help a person connect with those around them. The app takes an interesting approach to dating and will help prevent missed connection. This app is able to track a person’s patterns and will alert them if there are other users of this app that happen to go to the same places they do at the same time. They may have crossed paths before and may not have even noticed each other. This will help a person find someone with similar interest and likes that they have.


This app will ask a person a lot of questions but it will help determine people with the same interests and those that are looking for the same thing. This app does ask questions but is uses them for different purposes. There are even questions about what a person would like to do on a first date and even some suggestions of ice breakers for when they are talking to another user. This will help get rid of the silent moments that can make a date awkward. A person has the chance to meet someone that shares the same likes and interests that they do.

These are some of the best apps for 2017. These apps will help a person find someone they share interest with and increase the chances of having a fun date.


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